Schedule with audio and video links
FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015

6pm I Sam Erickson  
Introduction to AHA and
The Importance of Secular Student Groups

6:30pm I James Croft    
Champions of Dignity:
Humanism in Ferguson & Beyond

7:15pm I Lindsey Doe    
Sexplanations Live

8:15pm I Jamie Kilstein  
Comedy Routine

After the Friday's events, join us in the Industry Room
in Union South (across the street) for post-event socializing.


10am I Speaker Panel    
Topic: Issues Facing Women in Secularism
featuring speakers Heina Dadabhoy,
Debbie Goddard, and Candace Gorham.

11am I Interfaith Student Panel    
Topic: Religion and Morality
featuring representatives from several
religious student organizations on campus.

Noon I Lunch I On Your Own

1pm I Heina Dadabhoy    
A -pasta-sy Ahoy! Signs I Was Destined for Atheism
        (SATURDAY, MARCH 14TH - CONT.)

1:45pm I Candace Gorham    
"Jesus is All You Need,"
and Other Lies the Church Tells Black Women

2:30pm I Debbie Goddard    
The Science of Change:
Evidence-Based Methods for Effective Activism

3:15pm I Ed Brayton    
By Their Love: Violence in Defense of
Christian Privilege

4pm I Andrew Seidel & Patrick Elliott    
Get Off Your Butt and Help
Protect the Wall of Separation

5pm I Dinner I On Your Own

7pm I Susan Jacoby    
The Conscience of a Freethinker

8:15pm I Tommy Nugent  
"Preacherman" Comedy Routine

After the Saturday's events, join us in the Northwoods Room in Union South (across the street) for post-event socializing.

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2015

11am I Sunday Assembly  
Program Theme: Altruism in Human Evolution
Speaker: Kristin Shutts, Professor of Developmental Psychology at UW-Madison

1pm I Group Lunch I Northwoods Room - Union South